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Face masks, over-the-counter creams, and other drugstore products can only do so much for your skin. Even though you might notice a little added shine or improvement for a few moments after application, you likely won’t see the significant, long-lasting results you’re after. When that’s the case, you can turn to the experts who have treatments to transform your skin’s appearance.

Whether you’re dealing with scars from past acne, fine lines and wrinkles, or skin that lacks that smooth, youthful glow, skin peels in Kansas City can be just what you need. At Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, we are here to give you the results you have been searching for but just haven’t found yet. 

What’s Right for You?

You might be spending money on products that aren’t helpful in the long run. Our minds are constantly filled with commercials, ads, and posts that are advertising solutions that reduce wrinkles, eliminate dark spots, and bring back your glow. But these are all meant to keep you buying the products over and over again. 

While some individuals may see their desired results from these products, others will form a collection of products that don’t actually deliver. And when you’re browsing shelves full of so many different brands and solutions, it’s hard to know what’s worth trying. These over-the-counter anti-aging and scar-healing products may be right for some, but are they right for you? 

Bring In Your Collection

If you come in for a consultation with us at Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, we will ask you to please bring in a list of any products you are using currently, along with any you have used recently. This way, we can talk through what has been potentially helping you in the short-term and what hasn’t been helping at all. 

Furthermore, we’ll suggest treatments that could revitalize your skin, such as our skin peels in Kansas City. These recommendations will enable you to decide where to go from here. With our expert guidance and our effective treatments, you can get started on your path to clearer, smoother skin. 

Some Options for You

We recognize that not all of our treatment and services are right for everyone. That’s why we give each person an in-depth consultation to evaluate how we can help you best!

Skin Peels

When it comes to signs of aging, fine lines, acne scars, dullness, and uneven skin tone, there is one treatment in particular that we will discuss: a skin peel in Kansas City.

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Our skin peels, which we also call chemical peels, have varying degrees of strength. The deeper the peel, the greater the results will be. Based on your needs, a professional-grade exfoliating solution is chosen and applied to your skin, removing the damaged outermost layers. The fresh, smoother skin underneath is allowed to show, renewing your appearance. 

Despite the transformative results, skin peels in Kansas City don’t require extensive downtime. A light skin peel done by an aesthetician won’t keep you away from work or social gatherings for long, and a medium peel may only require a few days or a week to recover. Deep skin peels, usually only completed for the most significant concerns and done by a physician, may take one to two weeks to see complete results. 


Dermaplaning offers a variety of benefits and is minimally invasive. It is safe and effective for almost all skin types. In this gentle resurfacing treatment, a single-use surgical blade is used to remove the outermost layer of skin, along with any peach fuzz that you may have.

We suggest this treatment as a solution to skin dullness, dry skin, and skin discoloration. It offers improvement in skin texture while adding a glow and stimulating new collagen production within the newly exposed layer of skin. 

By combining a chemical peel and dermaplaning in the same session, it allows for deeper penetration of the skin peel. Your results will be amplified because your skin can better accept the skin peel in Kansas City. You can expect a glowing, younger-looking, and rejuvenated appearance.

PRP Microneedling

Microneedling promotes collagen production and regeneration! In this treatment, micro-sized needles lightly puncture the skin to create minor, controlled injuries. Your body responds by increasing collagen production in order to heal these wounds, which helps to resolve a number of concerns. 

We can include microneedling in a client’s treatment plan to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, scars, stretch marks, and smaller areas of loose skin. And when used alongside skin peels in Kansas City, the outermost layer of skin is also removed, resulting in even greater improvements in texture and tone.

A close up of the microneedling treatment being performed on a female client.


Combining a chemical peel with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) microneedling gives you the best results of both treatments, as collagen production is boosted within that deeper layer of the skin that has been brought to the surface.

When you book microneedling with the Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, you’ll receive an in-depth consultation prior to your appointment. This allows us to discuss your skin type, your specific concerns, and the treatments—or combination of treatments—that could benefit you most.

What Your Consultation Will Look Like

First: Book

First things first: book an appointment with our medical staff so you can get the process started. By signing up and scheduling your appointment, you will be able to prepare ahead of time and collect the products or information your provider may want you to bring in. 

For example, your provider may request you bring in the skincare and/or makeup products you use. That way, they can evaluate your current routine to help you get a better idea of what you can do at home to maintain your skin’s health.

Second: Think

That’s right, think. Now, we aren’t expecting you to write up a journal of symptoms, concerns, and past treatment history. But it would be extremely helpful if you could think of anything you do want to discuss during your consultation! 

For instance, have you done a skin peel in Kansas City before? What concerns do you want resolved? Have you officially decided on a chemical peel, or would you be open to other suggestions? These are just some ideas. Your own forethought and planning will make your consultation that much more effective and productive.

Third: Bring You

And now, just bring yourself and be ready to chat! There’s nothing to be worried about, so feel free to take a breath and relax. Here at Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, we are welcoming and patient! We realize that this may be new to the aesthetics area, so we want you to have a good first experience

About Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center

Our Expertise

You simply cannot find skin doctors in Kansas City with this level of commitment or qualification anywhere else—and we’re determined to make sure our team leads the way in patient-centered skin care. When you work with our physicians or advanced practice providers, you are receiving care from a physician-led team that recognizes the uniqueness of your skin. No two patients are quite the same, and no two patients should receive cookie-cutter treatments or support.

Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center works diligently to remain at the forefront of technological advances in skin care and cosmetic procedures, as well as the best training and techniques to deliver that care.

Happy Patients

We have been serving the Kansas City area for decades, and we have built quite the reputation among the dermatology and cancer fields for our diligence to patients and excellent treatment offers. We are so very grateful for all of the amazing reviews we have received complimenting our staff and doctors; it keeps us going and continuously motivates us to serve all who walk through our doors with any skin concerns so we can be their skin doctor in Kansas City.

Discover freedom from your skin concerns today with Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center!

We hope we helped shed some light on the purpose of skin peels in Kansas City and what all you can pair them with. Taking care of your skin is more than just cosmetic and skincare products (we do have these, too, though!).

Gone are the days of dry skin, uneven tone, and signs of aging—all with a skin peel in Kansas City! Now you’re going to want to be flaunting your glow and newfound confidence all around town.


A common obstacle we’re aware of is how long it can take to get an appointment with a specialist. Rest assured that, at Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, we will get you in our office within a week! Whether you have a specific issue or general concerns, you can count on a timely appointment.

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You can count on our team to always be honest. If there’s a treatment that we don’t recommend for you, we’ll tell you. Skin peels in Kansas City are a safe option for rejuvenating and youthening your skin, and you don’t have to wait to see results. 

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