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Anyone of any age can have damaged skin! It doesn’t matter if you’re in your twenties or eighties—there’s no age minimum for wrinkles, sagging skin, acne scars, or enlarged pores. And nowadays, skin treatments aren’t time consuming or overly complicated. In fact, you can finish the treatment over your lunch break!

KC Skin & Cancer Center is a preeminent medical practice located in Kansas City, and we want to help you get the kind of skin you can show off.

Thanks to IPL Laser treatment in Kansas City, you can have smooth skin with a simple treatment. We want to break the stigma surrounding aesthetic treatments. They’re not an extravagance, they’re a practical procedure that anyone can take advantage of for better skin and renewed self-confidence. We believe everyone deserves skin they’re happy to show off.

The Incredible IPL

IPL Laser treatment is a noninvasive way to treat several different skin conditions. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light therapy.

We’re so excited about this product because it works in a way that optimizes patient satisfaction. Depending on the treatment, a patient may have to worry about uncomfortable or hours-long procedures. But IPL Laser treatment is nothing if not convenient. But don’t worry—we wouldn’t sacrifice effectiveness in the name of speed. 

IPL Laser treatment can be the best of both worlds. The treatment is designed to keep you comfortable, but after the procedure is complete, you can still see definitive results.

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

We’re KC Skin and Cancer Center. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping the people of Kansas City take care of their skin. We developed our clinic with the understanding that, for most people, skincare is not a priority. Unfortunately, there aren’t many people with the education and the tools to keep their skin healthy in the first place. That should change.

Image of the front of the building. It is mirrored on both sides. The entryway is made of glass windows, and the exterior that is visible is made of brick.


We’ve worked to develop a deeper relationship with our patients. It’s one thing to treat damaged skin, but we want to do more. After we treat our patients, we give them tips and tools to help ensure their skin stays healthy in the long term.

The People Behind Your Treatment

We’re a team of trained skincare professionals with a passion for what we do, and that passion all stems from our founder, Dr. Mark A. Cohen.

Dr. Cohen is from Kansas City, and he’s spent much of his career helping his fellow KC citizens with their skin. He worked at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, serving as the director of dermatologic surgery. Dr. Cohen knows what he’s doing.

As he established KC Skin & Cancer Center, he sought like-minded employees. We’re trained in all aspects of skincare, from laser treatments to skin cancer removal. We strive to be of assistance no matter what skin treatment you need.

Spots and Blemishes and Wrinkles, Oh My!

Back when we were young, most of us didn’t think too much about our skin. It was smooth and elastic, and we didn’t even have to try! Why is that? The answer lies up in the sky.

The sun is a lovely thing! It keeps us warm, helps plants grow, and can even make us happier! But for all the sun does for us, it is also a major contributor to poor skin health. In smaller doses, the sun’s rays can be great for our bodies. But we can be overexposed to the sun’s rays, and as a result, our skin can see substantial damage.

Too much sun can lead to:

  • Wrinkles
  • Discoloration
  • Spots
  • Thin skin

It’s a good idea to use sunscreen and avoid excessive sunlight, but what if the damage is already done? How can we reverse sun damage?

Some IPL Info

IPL Laser treatment in Kansas City involves using different wavelengths to penetrate the epidermis, or the top layer of the skin. These different wavelengths can be used to address multiple different aesthetic concerns.

Pigment Treatment

IPL treats discoloration by targeting pigment cells. The different wavelengths of light actually destroy pigment cells, which will eliminate discoloration. So if you’re worried about blemishes in the skin, IPL addresses those problems directly.

Blood Vessel Treatment

IPL can also help with damaged blood vessels. The IPL wavelengths will heat up the blood vessels and cause their walls to collapse. Then, the body can absorb them, rendering them invisible. IPL Laser treatment in Kansas City is a favorite because of its versatility. 

Before We Begin

Now that the science is all squared away, we can talk about you! Or, more specifically, how you could schedule a treatment of your own. But for IPL Laser treatment in Kansas City, the scheduling process is a little more in depth than a simple walk-in. Before the actual procedure, we need to set up a consultation.

A female medical provider holds onto a small label on the front of a Sciton handheld device. The label reads 560.


Our consultation process is simple, but it’s incredibly important. We need to make sure that the treatments we prescribe are right for our patients. It’s important to us that we resolve your aesthetic concerns as quickly as possible. And to do that, we need information about you.

So we’ll sit down with you, ask questions, and get to know you on a more personal level. Once we become more familiar with you and your skin, we can take the steps to prescribe the best possible treatment.

The IPL Process, Beginning to End

In the interest of transparency and patient comfort, we’d like to outline the entire IPL Laser treatment process, beginning to end. 


On the day of the treatment, we’ll need to do some minor prep. It’s nothing serious; just some steps to make sure you’re comfortable and that the treatment is as effective as possible. Our first step is cleaning the treatment area. Next, we’ll physically mark any sensitive areas we want our provider to avoid, like a tattoo. 

Once the treatment area is cleaned, we’ll apply a layer of ultrasound gel. Admittedly, that might seem like an odd choice, but ultrasound gel is actually perfect for shielding your skin from the more aggressive aspects of the IPL procedure. Once the gel is applied, we can get started with the actual treatment!


Now the treatment can begin. We use a LimeLight IPL applicator. This is a small wand that we will apply directly to the treatment area. LimeLight IPL can treat any area of the body, so it doesn’t matter if the skin damage is most prevalent on your face, arms, or legs. LimeLight can treat it.

The treatment time is also minimal. The entire procedure only lasts about 30 to 45 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about IPL Laser treatment in Kansas City eating up your entire day.  Think of this IPL Laser treatment as an errand, not an in-depth medical procedure.


With every surgery comes post-op instructions, right? Well, we don’t require much of you following IPL Laser treatment. Of course, we’ll help you remove the ultrasound gel, and we’ll apply some moisturizer to the treatment area. This isn’t just meant to pamper you (though most patients don’t mind). The moisturizers actually help soothe your freshly treated skin.

A client fills out paperwork on a clipboard. Only chest down is visible.


Then, we’ll give you a short post-op consultation. This is just a simple debrief. We’ll ask you questions about how you’re feeling, and you can ask any questions you may have as well. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll send you on your way. There’s nothing else to it!

Is IPL Laser Treatment a One-Time Process?

You may be wondering, “now that I’m finished with my IPL Laser treatment in Kansas City, do I need any maintenance procedures?” Well, that depends on what you’re looking for! You might feel that one treatment is all you need. For stronger results, however, you could always try another treatment.

A few days after the IPL procedure, you may notice some changes in the treatment area. Dark skin may grow darker, and some areas might begin to peel or flake. This is a good thing—it shows that the treatment was effective. After the peeling stops, you’ll likely notice some changes. The skin may feel smoother as your wrinkles, lines, and pores abate.

At this point in the healing process, you may feel satisfied, which would be great. But if you’re looking for pronounced results, we recommend you repeat this process 2 more times over the course of 4 to 8 weeks. From there, you can bask in the glow of your smoother, healthier skin. This can last for another year before you’d need any other treatments. 

Now Is the Time for Questions

Before you go, we’d like to preemptively answer a few frequently asked questions about IPL Laser treatment in Kansas City.

Does it hurt?

This is a common question, but you can rest assured; IPL Laser treatment likely won’t cause you any pain. Most of the time, we don’t even require any anesthetic.

Is there an age requirement for this treatment?

Yes, patients interested in IPL Laser treatment should be at least 18. Don’t worry if those years are long behind you though. You’re still in the clear.

Can I go back to work following the treatment?

You can! We know you’re probably busy, so don’t take a day off on our account (or do—we won’t tell anyone).

Can I combine other treatments with IPL?

We actually recommend it! You may see better results with an additional treatment. Want a recommendation? Let us know!

Let’s Get Started!

Now that you’ve been briefed about IPL Laser treatment in Kansas City, we can decide if it’s the right treatment for you. You can start the consultation process right from your computer. Take a look at our virtual consultation tool, and you can provide information that will allow us to prescribe an effective treatment for your condition.

Helping people in the Kansas City area is why we head to work everyday. Let us hear from you, and we can get started on a treatment plan.

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