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Treat Yourself to a Medically Guided HydraFacial

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Want a summer pick-me-up? Something that will counteract the dry skin that is brought on by sunscreen and the sun? You have come to the perfect place! In addition to our dermatology and skin cancer services, Kansas Skin & Cancer Center has aesthetic offices and treatments as well. 

Within this list of services is the HydraFacial. Maybe you have heard of it before, or maybe this is your first time hearing of it. It is one of the best medical-grade facials on the market, being everything from hydrating and rejuvenating to anti-aging and exfoliating. 

Instead of continuing with at-home scrubs and cleansers only to not see the results you want, switch to HydraFacial in Shawnee and see how your complexion can truly glow. Keep reading to learn more!

How the HydraFacial Works

Close up image of an employee attaching the tip of the Hydrafacial tool to the handheld device.

Our medical-grade exfoliation treatment, aka the HydraFacial, involves the use of specialized anti-aging serums that are enriched with powerful antioxidants, all of which are carefully customized to address the specific needs of your skin. 

Regardless of your skin type, HydraFacials are known to be highly effective in rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin, resulting in a radiant and glowing complexion. These treatments are nonsurgical, noninvasive, and require zero downtime for recovery. Your skin will also have noticeable results you can feel and see immediately.

Hear directly from our expert aestheticians on how the HydraFacial in Shawnee can be perfect for everyone and see exactly why you should try it for yourself. Check out this YouTube video sourced from the KCSCC channel!

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits


A HydraFacial is like a highly effective version of a daily cleanser. Your daily face wash or cleanser is designed to take off all that oil and grime, either from overnight sleep or the day’s activities. It does just what is in its name—it cleanses. The same is true for a HydraFacial, except it is far more effective and it comes with many more benefits, as you will see down below. 

Exfoliating & Extracting

The HydraFacial also exfoliates gently and effectively. This can be compared to a microdermabrasion step in your skincare routine. The HydraFacial has a step where it cleans up that dead skin on the surface of your face and removes it. By removing the skin that has become dry and flaky, you give your healthy skin a better chance at receiving the solution’s nutrients that will come later in the facial experience.


Then comes one of the best parts of the facial: the fact that it actually hydrates your skin! Whether it’s summer or winter, our skin always needs moisture. In winter, that dry air takes the moisture out of our skin. And in summer, the hot sun and chlorine dries up our skin as well. This is why the HydraFacialHyrdaFacial is good all year round. 


Another benefit of this facial is that it can be customizable! With the HydraFacial in Shawnee, you have the opportunity to add on “boosters.” This could be LED light therapy or lymphatic drainage. Light therapy will help with rejuvenation and anti-aging. The lymphatic drainage add-on service gives you lift and contour while reducing puffiness in the face.

Evened Skin Tone

A facial like this will also give your face a more even skin tone. As time passes, your skin starts to do its own thing, so to speak. It can sometimes become ununified and splotchy. This might be from things like the sun, dryness, or makeup products. But no matter what it is caused by, the HydraFacial can help!


There are many solutions to many of your aesthetic concerns, but some of these involve more invasive procedures like injections, microneedling (tiny punctures in the skin), or even surgery. While these treatments can all be excellent and beneficial in their own right, they aren’t for everyone.

But starting with a more relaxed approach first can give your skin the chance to use noninvasive solutions and technologies to get the hint, and you may not even need the more in-depth treatments.

Immediate Results

For some med spa treatments, you have to wait days or weeks to see results, maybe even months while you finish out the sessions on your treatment plan. But with a HydraFacial in Shawnee, you get to see the glow and gleam that comes from being hydrated right away! You can enjoy the benefits immediately, with absolutely no downtime needed. 

Some Perfect Pairings

The great thing about coming to Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center is that we are a one-stop-shop for anything your skin might need, medical or aesthetic. When you come to us wanting a facial, services such as dermaplaning, lasers, and more are all available to you. Here, you aren’t limited by a short menu of options.

We often recommend 2 treatments to pair with a HydraFaciall, but this is just the beginning of our ideas. So, if you want some more suggestions or like the ones mentioned below and want to hear more about them, schedule an appointment with our experts! 


At the Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, we offer a gentle skin resurfacing treatment known as dermaplaning. During this procedure, we use a single-use surgical blade to gently remove the outermost layer of skin.

The procedure offers numerous benefits, and the best part is that it is minimally invasive. Safe and effective for nearly all skin types, dermaplaning can help individuals who are experiencing skin dullness, dry skin, and unwanted peach fuzz. Not only does it provide an improvement in skin texture, but it also adds a beautiful glow to your complexion and stimulates the production of new collagen.

The results of dermaplaning can typically last for a few weeks before needing another treatment. Given that your skin goes through a regeneration cycle of approximately 4 weeks, we advise you repeat the treatment in order to maintain and prolong the desired outcomes. In order to enhance the natural health and appearance of their skin, we encourage our patients to undergo dermaplaning once every month.

Laser Genesis

A male client is receiving the Laser Genesis treatment. His face is visible; he is wearing protective eye coverings and a towel over his hair. A medical professional holds the laser tool with one hand, then a popsicle stick along his cheekbone with the other.

With over 15 years of experience as a premier Kansas City dermatology practice, Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center proudly offers an amazing treatment known as Laser Genesis.

Laser Genesis is a cutting-edge, noninvasive cosmetic procedure that harnesses the power of laser technology to gently and effectively heat the skin, thereby stimulating the production of fresh, rejuvenated skin cells and collagen. This product offers multiple advantages, including the ability to smooth the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, and uneven skin tone.

At Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, Laser Genesis treatments are known for their comfortable nature and lack of discomfort. In fact, the treatment is completely painless. You will feel light heat on your face, and some people say it’s pleasant, almost like the feeling of the sun. After the treatment, you don’t have to take any downtime, and you can drive yourself home! 

Once your treatment is complete, you can anticipate both a noticeable improvement in your appearance and a significant boost in how you feel. You will notice your skin looks brighter and more youthful, and your pores look smaller. In order to achieve the best results, we recommend undergoing 3 to 6 treatments, with a spacing of 2 to 3 weeks between each session.

Get hydrated with HydraFacials at KCSCC!

We hope we helped shed some light on how a HydraFacial in Shawnee can provide much-needed hydration to your complexion. Taking care of your skin is more than just cosmetic and skincare products (we have these too though!).

A common obstacle we’re aware of is how long it can take to get an appointment with a trusted aesthetic specialist. Rest assured that, at the Kansas City Aesthetic Center, we will get you in our office within a week! Whether you have a specific issue or general concerns, you can count on a timely appointment.

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