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A Kansas City Skin and Cancer Center employee gently massages the jawline of a female client during a facial treatment.

“Where can I get a quality and safe facial near me?” This is a common question. Why? Even though spas are abundant—whether it is a hole-in-the-wall spa or an established medspa—you probably have options for receiving aesthetic care near you.

But just because you have options doesn’t mean all of them are going to be good for your skin. If you want a facial, no doubt you are looking for relaxation and results. But if you go to just any spa that has facials on their menu, these aren’t guaranteed. 

It might be a relaxing spa-like atmosphere, but if you were looking for results from the facial, you might not see them. This is simply because most places don’t have the experience, training, or certificates to help you in the best way—but Kansas City Aesthetic Center can be just the place you’re looking for!

Why Choose Us for Your Facials

Kansas City Aesthetic Center is all within the same building as the Northland location of Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center. This means that when you come to us for aesthetic treatment, we have doctors on site. This is a guarantee most med spas cannot make. By having that kind of expert advice and guidance available, you can rest assured you’ll receive the best care. Even for something as simple as a facial, you will be in good hands.

Check out your facial options at the Kansas City Aesthetic Center!

A common obstacle we’re aware of is how long it can take to get an appointment with a trusted aesthetic specialist. Rest assured that at Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, we will get you in our office within a week! Whether you have a specific issue or general concerns, you can count on a timely appointment.

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