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Finding a Trusted Dermatologist

Contrary to popular belief, going to the dermatologist isn’t just for a certain population, like people who are more prone to skin cancer. Maybe you’ve seen friends and family go to the dermatologist for a specific concern and thought that dermatology didn’t apply to you. 

We’re here to tell you that everyone needs to have their skin checked—no matter what age you are or what your skin might look like! Why? Because skin health is a major part of your overall health and well-being. Your skin being the largest organ of your body isn’t a myth. So even though your skin health might be one of the last things on your mind—especially if you have no visible issues—it doesn’t mean you’re exempt from dermatological health. 

As a premier dermatology practice, KC Skin & Cancer Center is here to give you all the derm details. We’re covering what dermatologists do, when you should see one, what to expect at an appointment, and what to look for in a dermatologist in Kansas City. 

What do dermatologists do?

When you think of a dermatologist, you may think of one of the two most common associations: acne and skin cancer treatment. While dermatologists absolutely take care of these concerns, they can treat a multitude of other conditions too! 

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In simple terms, dermatologists are board certified by the American Academy of Dermatology to diagnose and treat skin conditions of all types. Although there are endless skin conditions, they tend to fall into one of four categories: 

  1. Inflammatory conditions
  2. Skin infections
  3. Benign growths
  4. Malignant growths 

More than anything, the KC Skin & Cancer Center team values patient education. For the sake of staying true to that, let’s look at some examples of these types of conditions and how we might treat them.    

Inflammatory Conditions

We commonly treat the following conditions with prescription medications, steroids, and antibiotics:

Skin Infections 

The following skin infections are commonly treated with antibiotics, steroids, or antifungal medications:

Benign Growths 

Benign growths are generally unproblematic tumors with normal cells, and they don’t tend to spread to other parts of the body. Dermatologists can perform excisional surgery, use liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy), and provide topical medications for these benign growths:

Malignant Growths 

Malignant growths are made up of cancerous cells that multiply and spread to other tissues through the body. The common malignant growths we treat include: 

For these growths, we can perform excisional surgery, topical chemotherapy, Mohs surgery, and cryotherapy.

Should I see a dermatologist in Kansas City? 

Do you have skin? If the answer is yes, then yes—you should see a dermatologist! Skin is the largest organ of the human body, yet it’s one of the most overlooked organs. Similar to how you go to the doctor and dentist once a year for a check-up, it’s important to do the same for your skin. When you come to us for your yearly appointment, we’ll look at the condition of your skin, evaluate sun damage, and assess your risk of skin cancer. 

Besides the normal annual check-ups, you should also make an appointment with a Kansas City dermatologist if you notice changes in your skin, such as new spots or moles. Make sure you’re aware of the ABCDE rule of melanoma.

  • Asymmetry: Is the mole asymmetrical or lopsided? 
  • Border: Do the edges look uneven or blurred?
  • Color: Has the color of your mole changed? 
  • Diameter: Has the mole’s diameter grown in size?
  • Evolving: Has the mole changed in shape, size, color, and symmetry?  

If we do diagnose you with a skin condition, your appointment frequency will vary based on the severity and your specific treatment plan. 

What To Expect During a First Visit

Now that you have an overview of the types of noncancerous and cancerous skin conditions, the treatments we offer as a premier dermatologist in Kansas City, and how often you should see us, we want to go over what you can expect during your first visit

We are dedicated to making our patients feel comfortable and like their time and health is valuable. In order to make the most of our time together, we ask that you bring the following documents with you:

  • Driver’s license or state ID
  • Insurance information
  • Referral letter (if applicable)
  • Any applicable reports, x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, or other relevant information 
  • List of medications (if any)

Prior to the Examination 

When you set foot into our pristine, spa-like office full of compassionate, expert providers, our front desk receptionist will greet you, gather your documentation, and provide you with your relevant paperwork. Shortly after, your dermatologist will lead you to a treatment room. 

Examination & Consultation 

When you sit down with one of our board-certified dermatologists, we welcome you to openly discuss any skin concerns you have. Whether you’re solely here for a check-up or something more specific, your medical provider will listen to any concerns and begin thoroughly examining your skin. Our dermatologists check for any abnormalities, evaluate any sun damage present, and assess your risk of skin cancer. 

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If you’re here for a specific concern, we’ll provide tips, tricks, and any education on managing the condition. We’re also happy to provide general skin care tips or other educational resources on anything that comes to your mind. Your dermatologist is your #1 resource for healthy and cancer-free skin—make sure you reap the benefits of having such a resource! 


Depending on what you’re visiting for, your treatment plan will look different. If we examine your skin and everything looks healthy, you may not need any treatment. If we are suspicious about a certain spot or spots, we’ll perform a biopsy, in which we remove a piece of your tissue and test it. 

Luckily, our on-site pathology lab allows us to provide results in a much more timely manner than practices that use third-party pathology services. As soon as we have your results, our doctors will call you and inform you on your next steps, if any. 


We’ll always follow up with you to make sure you feel in-the-know about your treatment and skin health. This could be in the form of a phone call or appointment—whichever your treatment plan (or lack thereof) may call for. 

What To Look For in a Dermatologist in Kansas City

When it comes to finding a premier dermatologist/skin clinic, you want to ensure that you can trust the medical providers with your health. Our practice is full of doctors with a wide range of specialties and over 30 years of combined experience. We want to share some things you should make sure your chosen practice has. 

Timely Appointments

No one wants to call a dermatologist just to be told that there won’t be any appointment openings until next year (yes, this happens). The health of your skin is important and it can’t always wait. Your chosen dermatologist should be able to offer you an appointment within a few weeks at most. At KC Skin & Cancer Center, we get patients in our office within a week! 

Quick Lab Results

Just like how you shouldn’t have to wait for an appointment, you shouldn’t have to wait by the phone for weeks for your biopsy results. Our in-house pathology lab allows us to have a much faster turnaround time for reporting results back to patients. The faster we process your results, the faster you’ll be able to have peace of mind and begin treatment. 

Offers Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is the most effective skin cancer treatment available, offering the highest cure rate. A physician tripling as a pathologist and a reconstructive surgeon performs Mohs surgery with local anesthesia in this single-visit, outpatient procedure. Plus, with our pathology lab on site, we can complete this procedure within 4 hours. 

If your dermatologist in Kansas City specializes in Mohs surgery, you can feel secure knowing your health is in the hands of gold-standard practice. 

Has an In-House Aesthetics Center

The health of your skin is important in more ways than preventing skin cancer; it’s also important to look and feel your best! At KC Skin & Cancer Center, we have an in-house physician-led aesthetics center in which you can get your skin healthy from the inside out. We achieve this through treatments like Botox, filler, medical facials, and laser and light services

Extractions, hydration, and sun protection bring you glowing, beautiful skin, while our dermatology expertise and services bring you holistically healthy skin and peace of mind! 

Schedule Your Appointment With a Dermatologist in Kansas City

We hope we helped shed some light on the purpose of dermatology and why your skin health is important to your overall health. Taking care of your skin is more than just cosmetic and skincare products (though we have these, too!). 

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A common obstacle we’re aware of is how long it can take to get an appointment to see a dermatologist. At times, finding quality care can feel like running in circles. We can assure you that at Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, we will get you in our office within a week! Whether you have a specific skin issue or you want to get your skin checked, you can count on a timely appointment to meet your needs. 

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