A Kansas City Skin and Cancer Center employee gently massages a female client's face during treatment.

Microblading in Kansas City

Pristine Microblading Technique

Make your eyebrows say WOW with Microblading!

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Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique used for the eyebrows. Microblading can be used on someone with little to no eyebrows by creating an illusion of a more defined and fuller brow.

Many of us spend a lot of time and money plucking, waxing, threading, and filling in our eyebrows. Which is why many consider something more permanent like microblading. Eyebrow trends do change which is why I love the semi-permanent appeal of microblading.

A female client shakes the hand of a KC Skin and Cancer Center employee. The employee is holding a clipboard for the consultation.
A medical professional applies a green facial gel onto a patient's chin. The patient is lying down and wearing protective eye coverings.
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A Kansas City Skin and Cancer Center employee gently massages a female client's face during treatment.

How It Works


Microblading Treatment

With using a manual tattoo technique, tiny hair-like strokes are made while pigment is deposited into the epidermal layer of the skin. Due to the pigment fading over time, it is recommended to have a touch up done every 1-2 years to maintain results.

How It Works


What to Expect During Your Treatment?

Microblading can take up to 2 hours. Eyebrow mapping is done before the procedure where the artist will measure and draw the outline of the desired eyebrow shape. Then numbing cream is applied to the area. Next the artist will begin making tiny hair-like strokes to ultimately create a natural looking brow.

Although numbing cream is used, it can be a little uncomfortable but tolerable. After microblading is complete your newly created eyebrows cannot get wet for 10 days. Which makes showering, washing your hair, and working out difficult. I recommend patients to purchase microblading face shields that they can use in the shower. These work wonderful for those who wash their hair frequently.

You can expect for the first couple of days, the color of your new brows being bolder, and darker. Flaking and scabbing can start after 4-5 days. It is very important not to pick at these flakes or scabs. Picking can pull out the pigment leading to loss of color in those spots.

The healing process can take a month as it takes the skin about 30 days to regenerate. Therefore, the 30-day mark is when the true color will show itself. A touch-up appointment is needed 6 weeks after the initial appointment to make any adjustments.

How It Works


How many treatments will I need?

How many treatments you will need may vary based on your desired aesthetic goals. You can expect to notice results immediately, but depending on your skin’s needs you may benefit from additional treatments. For patients looking for lasting results, we recommend you repeat this treatment once a month.

How it Works


Is there a need for downtime?

There is no need for downtime after an acne facial. You will be able to return to normal activities as soon as your appointment is complete.

Microblading Overview

Paired Treatments

Many patients that combine treatments notice better, faster results than doing one treatment alone. If you’re interested in learning more about combining or scheduling multiple treatments together, contact us! 

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A male client receives a Hydrafacial from a Kansas City Skin and Cancer Center medical provider. The medical provider is wearing gloves and using one hand to hold the hydrafacial applicator and the other hand to guide the tool along the client's cheek.

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