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The Best-Kept Secret for Aesthetics in Kansas City

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If we have had the privilege of serving you at Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, then you know the priority we give to good care, quality medicine, and the best tools. But have you reached a roadblock in your wellness journey, not knowing where to go for aesthetic care?

You have received the skin services and maybe even skin cancer treatments that you needed to address your physical health. What about your confidence and outer wellness? Our doctors see the whole picture, these are the doctors who have been with you from the beginning of your Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center story. 

That is where one of our best-kept (that was not even meant to be kept) secrets of our center comes out—the Aesthetic Center, where advanced aesthetics in Kansas City come to life!

Let us break down some of the most exciting facets of this secret:

Secret #1: A Location You Are Familiar With

You have been to the Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, but did you know that the Aesthetic Center is all within that same building? This makes it feel more familiar when you’re coming to an appointment for your aesthetic needs.

A female client stands outside the front doors of the Kansas City Skin and Cancer Center. One side of the building is labeled Aesthetic Center, the other is labeled Skin and Care Center.


No matter which location you choose for your aesthetic needs, whether Northland or Shawnee Mission, you can be confident that the expert advice you will receive will be top quality!

When you used to turn right for your skin treatments, now you will turn left, so to speak. You’ll see familiar faces and be in the same atmosphere, but now you can focus on enhancing your outside beauty.

Our clinical yet comfortable approach to waiting rooms, offices, and treatment rooms leaves you feeling safe in this trusted location. For potentially the first time, you can feel excited at a doctor’s office!

When this new chapter in your wellness journey begins, there may be feelings of nervousness as you approach new territory. Be reassured, though, that because this place and these providers are familiar to you, you can look forward to this new adventure in advanced aesthetics in Kansas City.

Secret #2: Doctors Just Around the Corner

With doctors that you are familiar with just around the corner, you can feel secure in your decision to get aesthetic treatments at the Kansas City Aesthetic Center. Since this is a place you know and these are people you trust, what better place than here to connect your health journey with your aesthetic journey?

Our providers are always looking at what they can do to make your recently achieved health shine through with aesthetic treatments, or how aesthetic services can address the skin concerns you might still have.

We understand that a huge part of achieving health and wellness satisfaction has to do with your confidence! For some, this confidence can come from feeling so much better on the inside after a treatment has addressed your concerns. Still yet, for others, true confidence comes from looking how you want to, as well. 

You may have had to go through some obstacles in your skin treatment journey, but facing those struggles could have drawn you closer to your provider. Now you have the chance to continue in your wellness advancements with those same experts and providers.

That is why, when our doctors came together to create Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, they didn’t just stop there. No, they also worked to include aesthetics in their list of expertly performed treatments. 

Secret #3: The Choices You Didn’t Know You Have

The HydraFacial

If you are interested in advanced aesthetics in Kansas City, a great way to take the plunge is with a cooling, calming facial.

A male client receives a Hydrafacial from a Kansas City Skin and Cancer Center medical provider. The medical provider is wearing gloves and using one hand to hold the hydrafacial applicator and the other hand to guide the tool along the client's cheek.

The HydraFacial is a gentle, exfoliating, results-producing treatment that gives you back your glow. Yow will see that shine that you have been missing, plus you can address several other concerns.

A HydraFacial can:

  • Remove blackheads
  • Smooth age lines
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Address sun damage

A HydraFacial can be the perfect complement to any treatment you have received at the Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center. That is the wonderful thing about staying within the clinic for your aesthetic treatments! You receive the same high-quality services from expert providers, all under the same room. 

Chemical Peels

Struggling with dry and flaky skin? Then chemical peels may be your saving grace!

Chemical peels focus on having a more gentle approach to exfoliation. This is because chemical peels are the new way to take off that dead and dry skin, instead of harsh physical exfoliation. 

Often, using harsh tools and scrubs to exfoliate can lead to more damage than good, especially for those with sensitive skin. Chemical peels are gentle, calm, and effective in bringing back that fresh, glowing skin.

Chemical peels can be an excellent option to address:

  • Dullness
  • Flaky skin
  • Fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Sun damage


So, we have the HydraFacial for shine and chemical peels for exfoliation—what about an uneven surface? Your face has had years of sun damage, acne, smile lines. Now, your skin is lacking in one cohesive texture.

A close up of a Kansas City Skin and Cancer Center professional preparing the microneedling tool, an advanced aesthetic service in Kansas City. She is wearing blue medical gloves.

Microneedling is one of the best texture smoothing tools and skin resurfacing techniques to date! If you want to see unification and smoothing when it comes to your face’s texture, microneedling could be for you.

Microneedling can:

  • Address lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Shrink pores
  • Smooth stretch marks

While needles are in the name, microneedling is not as intimidating as it might seem. Microneedling is designed to create tiny, controlled punctures in the skin, which then kick starts your body’s natural healing process. 

This healing process consists of collagen production and regeneration that will create a brand new layer of skin, smoothing away troublesome texture imperfections. It is often recommended to get multiple treatment sessions of microneedling to help you achieve the best results.


Dermaplaning is another option for smoothing undesired skin texture. It is a gentle way to resurface your skin, where your provider will use a single-use surgical blade to carefully remove the outermost layer.

This treatment can treat:

  • Dull or dry skin
  • Clogged pores
  • Unwanted hair/peach fuzz

Just one treatment session can be enough to enjoy your results for a month. As your skin cycles roughly every 4 weeks, returning for repeat treatments can prolong your results, letting you continue to enjoy smoother skin.

Each treatment with advanced aesthetics in Kansas City has its own unique strengths. So, be sure to go over all of your needs, wants, and desires when you come in for a consultation with our expert aestheticians.

More Well-Known Specialties

Now that we have gone over all of the amazing things we offer at our aesthetics center, let’s go over some classic services many already know about but are fun to remember.



We have so many lasers to choose from here at KC Skin & Cancer Center! Here is a look at one of our favorites. 

The Halo laser is the only laser of its kind that does skin resurfacing while keeping downtime to a minimum! It does so by combining ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to treat your concerns. When we use the Halo laser on a patient’s skin, we are able to address any fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven tone and texture. 



Smiling, laughing, and moments of surprise are all something that life will present us with. Sadly, though, we might see some of these things show on our face. We might begin to see those smile lines, forehead wrinkles, and more. However, we have a solution.

Botox is a popular treatment that is known for its effectiveness, so come to us with any concerns you might have about wrinkles, lines, and other texture concerns. 

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Feel free to take our virtual consultation tool to see what our experts might recommend to you before you even come in! Or just jump right on into the consultation process by getting in touch.

Trust our Advanced Aesthetic Center in Kansas City with your aesthetic needs!

Are you ready to start on your journey with advanced aesthetics in Kansas City? With people you trust, a location you know, and the promise of many treatment options, you can feel sure in your decision to pick Kansas City Aesthetic Center!

Begin with our virtual consultation tool! This tool is set up like a quiz about your concerns and desires for treatment. By starting with this tool, you can choose your concern areas on the virtual body and receive expert treatment recommendations that are matched to your concerns. It is the perfect first step before scheduling an appointment with our experts.

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