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Have you been feeling like something is missing from your face? Maybe your glow has been looking dull, or maybe you’re noticing a lack of fullness in your features. Sometimes, no matter what efforts we make, the signs of aging persist. In that case, it might be time to consider facial or lip filler!

Here at Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center, we offer high-quality filler options. Whether it’s for your cheeks, lips, or overall facial structure, we can treat it all! But when you’re looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your lips, lip filler in Kansas City can be just what you need. 

Our Take On Lips

At KCSCC, we know that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, so we try to help our clients see that in themselves!

We can offer treatments and services that accentuate your natural beauty. We’ll talk through your concerns and what you’re looking to achieve from a specific treatment. Should we have other ideas for how we can enhance your beauty to match your vision, we can make other treatment suggestions as well, such as by using lip fillers.

Lip fillers can provide a great boost to your confidence. Instead of living with dissatisfaction in your appearance, lip fillers can be a safe, healthy way to promote your natural beauty.

No matter what you choose to do, we hope you take all of the following information on lip filler in Kansas City and use it to decide if they are right for you! But don’t worry, if you still have questions, always feel free to schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns with us in person. 

The Science Behind Fillers

While there are some differences between the types of fillers, most have one thing in common: hyaluronic acid. This substance naturally occurs in your body and is essential for maintaining skin that is hydrated, smooth, and plump. While different types of fillers are better suited for various parts of your face, hyaluronic acid has the same effect no matter where it’s placed. You’ll be left with fuller, more hydrated skin—including in your lips.

Multiple Types?

Sometimes, when people think of lip plumping, they imagine only one kind. But just like there are two types of neurotoxin injections, Dysport and Botox, the same goes for lip fillers. So, when using the term “lip filler,” this refers to the use of dermal fillers. A lip flip, on the other hand, uses Botox and is a different approach for those seeking a fuller appearance in their lips.

A woman's lips following lip filler in Kansas City

When you receive a treatment involving the use of facial fillers, the principles are the same no matter what type is selected. Hyaluronic acid will smooth and plump the skin, leading to fewer wrinkles and a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. However, there are small differences in the various types of fillers which make them more effective for different purposes.

Our experts are well-versed in the selection of fillers that are available. When you’re interested in lip filler in Kansas City, visit us for a consultation! We can talk through the options you have and help you select the right fit for your lips.

Steps You Can Take for New Lips

#1 – Consultation

Sometimes, the consultation can be an intimidating first step. Rest reassured that our experts here at KCSCC will always make you feel comfortable and taken care of.

Feel free to make a list ahead of time of the results you want to see from lip fillers. Do you want your lips to look fuller and more pronounced? Or do you just want a little bit of overall rejuvenation, and you want to start with your lips?

No matter what you choose to talk about with our experts, they will walk you through all of your options and make sure you know everything about a treatment before proceeding to the actual injection.

#2 – Our Expertise

Speaking of our providers, we are happy to say that we have some of the best dermatology and aesthetic experts in town, as well as across the country! Our clients meet with providers who are experienced in everything from general medicine and dermatology to aesthetics and cancer research.

We are also happy to announce that we have taken on new doctors! Three new doctors will begin their journey with us here at the Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center. We are always excited to grow our team of doctors, as when we do, we are able to accept more patients because we have more available physicians.

All of our experts always look forward to consulting with clients and figuring out what services will best suit their needs. If you are someone who’s thought “I want lip filler in Kansas City,” then you can come in and express these desires to your provider, and they will be able to walk through your options.

#3 – Aftercare

Although lip fillers are an easy treatment with minimal recovery and downtime, there are some rules you need to follow for the few days after your injections. 

Because lip fillers are a type of injection, there will be a microscopic puncture in your skin, so you will want to avoid anything that could potentially inhibit the healing of your lips after receiving filler. Here are some things our doctors recommend:

  • Avoid physical activity for at least 48 hours afterwards
  • Stay away from excessively hot settings, such as saunas, hot tubs, and if you get lip filler in Kansas City in the summer, don’t spend too much time outside

It’s normal to experience a little swelling and tenderness post-injection, but you shouldn’t have to worry about any significant pain or discomfort.

#4 – Results & Upkeep

Results will be noticeable right away. In fact, some patients may see their initial swelling and feel nervous about the new size of their lips. However, there’s no need to worry!

Your lips will appear larger and fuller at first, but that’s only because of the natural swelling. The swelling should resolve itself within a few days. You also won’t need to take any time off work or away from your favorite activities, as lip fillers don’t require any downtime.

Now, how long your lip filler will last is all dependent on you! Lip filler will gradually fade over time, but the exact duration of your results is determined by your body’s unique anatomy and metabolism. For some, it can last for up to 2 years, but others may want to get new filler after just 12 months.

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Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center is proud to offer the most advanced treatments and services in our industry. This allows our physicians and experts to devise specific, effective treatment plans for patients.

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Our experienced medical and cosmetic staff combine decades of experience with a results-driven vision that is simply unmatched. Our team is passionate about our patients, and we cannot wait to provide you with the incredible skin care you deserve.

What We Do

Whether it’s for aesthetic services or skin cancer treatment, we strive to provide the right solutions for all of our patients. Our many doctors work with a large staff of nurses, physician assistants, and aestheticians, all of which are always aiming to be the best dermatology & aesthetics practice in Kansas City. We offer services such as facials, microneedling, skin cancer treatment, laser treatments, and lip filler, all here in Kansas City.

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We have been serving the Kansas City area for decades and have built a reputation in the dermatology and cancer fields for our diligence to patients and excellent treatment offers. We are so very grateful for all of the amazing reviews we have received complimenting our staff and doctors; it keeps us going and continuously motivates us to serve all who walk through our doors with any skin concerns.

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Thin lips can be a thing of the past when you come to Kansas City Skin & Cancer Center! While we hope we’ve helped you understand more about what goes into lip fillers, we’re always more than happy to meet with you for a consultation to answer any remaining questions you may have.

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Taking care of your skin is more than just cosmetic and skincare products—even though we have those, too! Whether you have a specific issue or a few general concerns, you can count on having a timely appointment with an experienced professional.

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